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enabling the
Next-gen Engineering of Advanced Technologies

Welcoming self-motivated undergraduate students, graduate students, and research scientists to join us, an award winning team, for NEAT R&D!

歡迎專題生及研究生加入 imt lab團隊!

先進雷射微奈米製造技術   綠能科技

Research Interests:
  • Advanced Heat Transfer Enhancement Technology 先進熱傳增強技術

  • Wearable Energy and Electronics Devices 穿戴式能源、電子與光電裝置

  • Laser Micro/Nanofabrication  雷射微奈米加工

  • Solar Thermal Energy Conversion 太陽熱能收集轉換

  • Opto-Thermal-Fluidic Coupled Systems 光熱流耦合系統

  • Micro/Nanoscale Multiphase Heat Transfer 微奈米尺度多相熱傳 

  • Intelligent Thermal Management 智能化精準熱管理 

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